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Arukari Refreshing Drink

Refreshing Drink
Drink your way to better health

Harga: RM198
* Free postage Semenanjung

"Cancerous tissues are acidic, wheres healthy tissues are alkaline.. High acidic levels encourage morbid and cancerous growth, high alkaline levels encourage healthy cell growth."
Dr. Otto Warburg


Perkataan Arukari berasal dari Bahasa Jepun yang bermaksud
Alkali. Arukari Refreshing Drink dirumus di Jepun berlandaskan proses penyelidikan dan pembangunan yang berterusan. Produk ini dihasilkan mengikut tahap pengilangan yang bermutu. Selain dari mengimbangi pH darah kembali Alkali, Arukari Refreshing Drink memberikan kalsium, Anti-Oksidan, Vitamin C dan serat kepada badan anda. 

Jadi, kenapa minum air biasa sedangkan anda boleh mengecas minuman anda? Hanya tambah satu paket Arukari Refreshing Drink ke dalam minuman anda. Arukari Refreshing Drink bukan sahaja menghidrat anda pada peringkat sel, malah Arukari Refreshing Drink juga menambah alkali ke dalam badan anda sambil melindungi anda dari hampir semua penyakit.

Cuba perhatikan sel darah anda sebelum dan selepas minum Arukari Refreshing Drink

Perhatikan pesakit strok di bawah selepas pertama kali mencuba Arukari Refreshing Drink

Sila lihat lebih banyak testimoni klik disini selepas pertama kali mencuba Arukari Refreshing Drink

Untuk sebarang pertanyaan sila hubungi
Rosmanizah Abdul Rahman
0123949154 call/whatsapp


Rosmanizah Abdul Rahman
012-3949154  Call/Whatsapp


Bicycle EXERCISE (home fitness equipment)
Basikal Senaman

Price : RM280
Free twister foot massage.

Postage :
RM30 Semenanjung.
RM70 Sarawak/Sarawak by Air
Self Collect at Bangi.
New in box

Advantages: compact, stylish, lightweight, rugged, economical!
This section fitness vehicle weight 10 kg, (Suit for female and senior citizen until 150kg)


Wholesale Price : 
RM 150 x MOQ2unit = RM300.00
MOQ: Minima Order Quantiti.

Retail Price:
RM230 with free postage (Semenanjung)
Sabah & Sarawak Add RM10.00

Product Description:
Pool Size: 188CMX137CMX34CM
Slide: 122CMX53CMX53CM

**Free Electric Air Pump & Repair Kit

Inflatable basketball 4 inflatable rings inflatable slide
Multi-functional pool, a pool and not only is a children's playground. With water features, slides, rings, vote blue . Can also be used as a ball pool, baby's favorite

Rosmanizah Abdul Rahman
012-394 9154 Call/Sms/Whatsapp

READY STOCK ITEM November 2013

November 2013

Item ready stock now!

Please sent your order at email
or call/whatsapp Rosmanizah Abdul Rahman 

Chocolate Mould


Retail: RM7.50 *
Color: Chocolate

*Postage RM10 Semenanjung
Postage RM25 Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan 

Making chocolate, ice, cake, bread, mousse, jelly etc.

Applicable scope:
Oven, microwave, refrigerator, dish washing machine etc.

Retail: RM10*
Color: Pink

*Postage RM10 Semenanjung
Postage RM25 Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan 

Making chocolate, ice, cake, bread, mousse, jelly etc.

Applicable scope:
Oven, microwave, refrigerator, dish washing machine etc.

Macaroon Making Kit

Macaroon Making Kit
Silicone Mat + Silicone Pipe with 4 nozzle set

1) RM39 per set 
Free Postage Semenanjung 

Sabah Sarawak add RM10

2) RM29 Silicone Pipe set only

Free Postage Semenanjung

Sabah Sarawak add RM10

Name: Macaroon Silicone Pipe
Material : Silicone
Weight : 135g
Packaging : Blister card packaging
Specifications : diameter 13CM, high 5CM about four mouth

Name: Macaron special silicone pad
Material: food grade silicone
Dimensions: Length 29cm * Width 26cm 

circle diameter: 3.8cm 
small circle diameter: 2.3cm
Weight: 160G/PCS
Packing: OPP bag
Color: Chocolate
Food grade silicone meet U.S. FDA testing standards, heat resistant baking. 
Resistant -40 to +230 degrees (Celsius)
microwave, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator. Can be washed, boiled disinfection

Shake N Take 2

Retail: RM65 *
Dropship: RM55
Wholesale: RM50 MOQ 2 pcs

*Postage RM10 Semenanjung
Postage RM25 Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan 

Product Specifications:
Multi-functional mini blender
Instantly blend smoothies and protein shakes
Blend and drink from the same bottle
Blend ice with ease
Quick breakfast solution
Doubles as takeaway cup
Secure sports bottle flip top
Cordless with dishwasher safe blending compartment
Boost daily fruit and vegetable intake with personalized healthy concoctions

Motor Base
Voltage: 220V
On/off power switch
Cup Volume : 500ml
Colour: Blue

​Package Includes:
1 x Travel bottle
1 x Blender base
1 x User manual

Shake N Go!

Retail: RM65 *
Dropship: RM55
Wholesale: RM50 MOQ 2 pcs

*Postage RM10 Semenanjung
Postage RM25 Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan 

Product Specification:
Convenient flip top straw
Super powerful blender crushes ice instantly
Fits in car cup holders
Easy to clean
No messy transferring from blender to bottle
A quick breakfast solution for families on the go!
Add fruit to create a healthy fun snack!
Blend a different drink for each of your friends!
The perfect size for a light meal or treat at work
Add a scoop of your favorite protein and head for the gym
At home or on the road, just blend and go!

Package includes
1x Blender
2x Sport Bottles
1x Manual

The X-Hose 50ft

with spray water gun
Retail: RM50*
Dropship: RM45
Wholesale: RM40 MOQ 2 pcs

without spray water gun
Retail: RM40*
Dropship: RM35
Wholesale: RM30 MOQ 2 pcs

*Postage RM10 Semenanjung
Postage RM25 Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan 

Perfect Shushi Roll

Retail: RM5*

*Postage RM10 Semenanjung
Postage RM25 Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan 

Mini Portable Treadmill
(Home Fitness Equipment)

Wholesale Price Rm190.00 Wholesale (Moq X 3 Set)
***Dropship Member: Rm200.00
Retail Price: Rm230.00
**Deposit:  50%

Postage: RM35.00 Semenanjung ** Kurier
RM65.00 Parcel, CTSI Via Sea  Sabah/Sarawak/Labuan 

Avaialable Colour
Pink,Orange,Black, Blue

■ Working Pressure Of Office Workers - Brisk Walking, Jogging Can Effectively Relieve Stress, Active Mood;
■ Housewives - At Home While Listening To Music While Jogging, Brisk Walking Fitness;
■ You Want To Maintain A Slim Figure Of The Young Women - Brisk Walking Jogging For Half An Hour Can Consume About 400 Calories;
■ Older People - Jogging, Brisk Walking Help Increase Bone Density, Physical Fitness;
■ Love The Slow Movement Fitness Crowd - At Home, You Can Easily Enjoy The Original Brisk Walking Jogging;
■ Other Love Of Fitness, Health Of People Of All Ages (Elderly, Children, Etc.).
Health Sciences Jogging, Brisk Walking "Function! Change Of Violence-The Loss Of Movement Of Human Joints! Compared To Other Sports, "Walk" Exercise More Likely To Adhere To.
Daily "Hurry," 30 Minutes A Day To Walk 6,000 Steps Health And Longevity
Brisk Walking 30 Minutes A Day To Prevent Stroke Effect With Jogging, Playing Tennis, Biking And More Intense Fast-Paced Sport Is The Same.
In Addition, Walking On The Prevention Of Diabetes, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis, Have A Good Effect.
The Experts Said That The 4 Km Walk Every Day, Not Only To Help People Reduce Pounds A Week, And The Muscles And Bones More Robust.
 1. "Brisk Walking Can Reduce The Prevalence Probability, Stronger Body Fitness
 . "Brisk" Less Fat, Belly, Strong Body, Walking Light
 3. "Brisk" Small Slopes, Fitness Is More Beneficial
The Ordinary Treadmill Running Belt Level Design, Mini Folding Treadmill Run With A 15-Degree Tilt Design, Simulate Climbing Can Increase An Additional 20% Of Energy Consumption.
The Study Found, To Brisk Brisk Walking A Small Slope, Took 45 Minutes Can Burn About 400 Calories.
Walking Machine Uncharged, Non-Magnetic Radiation, Environmentally Friendly And Safe.
The Plug-In Treadmill, Mini Folding Treadmill Running Belt Running All Rely On Human Foot And The Friction Between The Running Belt Driven Unplugged, Non-Magnetic Radiation, More
Energy Is More Environmentally Safe. 

Product Specifications Dimensions:
       Expand Size: 87 × 52 × 94cm
       Product Folded Size: 20 × 52 × 94cm
       Packing Size: 98 × 54 × 20.5/6cm (Trapezoid)
       Running Belt Size: 1520 * 285mm
       Nw / Gw: 11/10 Kg
       Max Load: 80kg

Skip Hop Back Pack Set

(Back Pack + Lunch Back Pack)

Retail Only: RM35

Sunny House Play Tent

Retail : RM200
Dropship: RM170
Wholesale: RM150 MOQ 2 pcs

Children Castle Play Tent

Retail: RM60
Dropship: RM45
Wholesale: RM40 MOQ 2 pcs